Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock Crushers

At the end of our driveway - not the street side but the side by the house - we have a retaining wall.
The backyard sits down behind the driveway and there is a wall that separates the two.
On this 'wall' there is a level w/ bushes that the kids have recently taken over.

They take 'rocks' (bricks, rocks, pieces of hard junk they find lying around) and bang them against the bigger rocks that make up the retaining wall.
Jack and his friend JP, who he plays with every Tuesday after school, put their goggles on and 'bang the rocks.'
I'm not really sure what their goal is, they usually end up w/ a pile of dust but that seems to satisfy their youthful minds.
Riley creates her own 'dust' by rubbing chunks of chalk over and over again on the brick wall.
It's quite amusing to watch.

I'm just glad the weather is nice enough for them to enjoy the outdoors!!

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