Friday, October 21, 2011

Past Meets Future

There are moments in time when I am watching my children in the midst of something and I flash back to my own childhood.

For instance: Jack hates drinking milk. Me too. My parents forced me to drink it as a child. I say 'forced' but really I just had to finish my one measly glass before I could get up from the kitchen table.

At Jack's well visit last week his pediatrician stressed to him the importance of drinking milk every day.
So now the poor kid has to force down a drink of milk (loaded with Nestle Quick) with his breakfast.
I feel your pain Jack-

And- by the way the kid weight 45 whopping pounds.
Eight years old and only 45 pounds.
Poor thing.
At least he has a 6 pack to show for it.

For instance: Riley has been playing school a TON these days. She sets up her animals and 'teaches' them. I was the queen of writing math problems down on pieces of paper and suckering my brother or friends into playing school.

I was always the teacher, of course, and I'd 'check' their work and slap stickers - probably the puffy ones - all over those homemade math sheets.

Today I heard her saying things like:
"Ok- turn to page four in your book and practice writing your G's."
"I told you to listen to me. Now- practice your G's."
Then she'd say to me: "Mom- (insert any name) isn't doing what I said. They're going to get in trouble."

Gotta love a little bossiness :))-

For instance: Jack came home today with one of these:

Do you all remember these? Jack called it a "Fortune Teller."
He flipped that thing open and closed so many times tonight it was a bit obnoxious at times.
We used to make them all the time as kids.
They were hilarious.

Of course he had no idea what a fortune teller was. He asked me in the car- "Mom, what's a fortune teller?"
He's going to make one tomorrow at school that's just for boys.
I love it.
I hope when he's 37 he can remember making "Fortune Tellers" in school- just like I did.

Here are the 'fortunes' on his teller:

Until next time...

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