Thursday, October 13, 2011


Jack's been playing a lot of baseball.
When his games aren't postponed due to rain.
It's been raining a TON.
I'm over it.
Riley's teacher says she's doing great.
Must be something about 'school' because
I swear she acts like she can't do a thing when I'm around.
Jack's conversations with his friends go a little something like this:
"Dude. Did you see that game last night?"
"No dude. What happened?"
"Dude. It was so cool. (Insert any name here) made the best play (insert any play here)."
"Dude. That's so cool."
God I hope he's not putting 'DUDE' in his stories at school.
Riley and I had a sleepover in a tent.
Not a tent outside- but one blown up in our living room.
With an air mattress inside.
Not a whole lot of camping experience for this girl.
The leaves are starting to fall.
If the weather wasn't so bi-polar lately I'd swear we were in the season of FALL.
I hope it sticks around for a while.
I love this time of year.
We signed Jack up for basketball.
I'm sure it'll start the day baseball ends.
No rest for the weary.
Only a few more weeks left of tennis.
Thank goodness.
Too many kids signed up for one clinic means not too much instruction going on.
I don't think we'll do tennis again unless it's lessons with one or two people.
Right now I'm listening to the pitter patter of footsteps.
Riley has two girlfriends over.
I have no idea what they're doing in the playroom.
I do know they are getting along.
And that makes me happy.
We'll see how long it lasts.
Jack's off playing with two of his best buds.
They're most likely jumping on the trampoline, shooting hoops or having a Nerf gun sword fight.
These pics were taken with Photo Booth.
They're silly and I love 'em.

Until next time...

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