Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Riley!

Well- we made it to age five.
Five years ago today, at 3:39 p.m. you were born,
boldly coming into this world with thicks strands of dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

You were a mere 6 lb 13 oz but you made up for it in your personality, to say the least.

You have a big brother whom you love dearly and drive crazy all the time.
There are times I could eat both of you up for being so sweet to each other.
And there are the 'other' times- which I won't discuss today.

You are fiesty and bold and know what you want.
You want to learn how to play tennis and enjoy t-ball.
You swim like a fish and love for me to read to you.
You love your American Girl Dolls.
You are obsessed with your dog and would love a wee-wee dog to carry around.

I pray you find a balance between fierce independence and knowing that it's ok to rely on friends and family.
I hope your future is full of dreams that come true for you.
I hope school comes easy for you and you find passions in life that keep you going.

I, for one, love you to to the moon and back and crave those quiet moments in time you and I share together.
I hope I'm doing a good job as your Mommy - it's tough sometimes.

Have a great day today Riley Monroe.

I love you.

Until next time...

1 comment:

tsdelity said...

You know how to make a lady cry. So sweet Ali. And yes, you are doing a great job being Riley's mommy. Happy Birthday Miss Riley!

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