Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Weekend at the Baseball Fields

Five games in two days.
The Silver Bullets went 4-1 and won the tournament.
We're 2-0 in tournaments as a team now.
But- none of that matters if we don't do well this coming weekend.
The AREA tournament is this weekend. The top three teams will go to the state tournament the following weekend.
The Bullets want to go bad!
We're all hoping they do.
Even though that means Jack will only get to spend 1 1/2 days with his cousins this ENTIRE summer. And that makes me very sad :(.

Ri has been a trooper! It was super hot this weekend.
Ri and Paa Paa went home for a couple of hours to cool down yesterday but otherwise she battled the heat with the rest of us.

Thank God for these Frogg Toggs.
They keep us cool.

Thank goodness for Juliana- just about the sweetest little girl I have ever met.
Here are the girls, watching an Olivia on the iPad.

Someone has a birthday in two days!!

Someone is going to be a WHOLE HAND in two days....

Jack played well this weekend- hitting better. If he doesn't straighten out his arms he hits well. We won't discuss what happens if he straightens that arm.

Todd always stands at the fence - no socializing for him going on at these games. He stood in the same spot for hours and hours- watching his only son play ball.

Jack played mostly pitcher and some center field.

Resting in between games with his Frogg Togg.

MARA Silver Bullets.

Until next time....

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