Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day One

After two eight plus hour drives;
7 days and nights aboard a cruise ship;
countless mini-boat rides;
a couple of shuttle rides;
830 plus pictures;
too many bottles of wine;
quite a few amazing dinners;
three countries
and a damn good time
we are home.

To preserve as many memories as possible I'm going to post day by day
our adventures.

So here is day one:

(I had to include this one from the car ride down to Cape Canaveral.)

Waiting for our shuttle to take us from the hotel to the ship.

Poppy and Gammy (or Popster and Gamster according to Riley) w/ their prized possessions.

Our home away from home for 7 days.

Immediately after boarding the ship we ordered cocktails for everyone!!

And admired the view.

And hit the pool before checking into our rooms.

The first of MANY ice cream cones.

Ahhh- relaxation.
(Might be about all you'll see of me- since I'm always behind the camera.)

Ri can swim on her own fairly well now so the adults were able to fully relax!

Our 'emergency station.'

Watching the ship leave.

Our first dinner!

OMG- the wine we drank was fabulous!!!

Zolio- one of our favorite waiters.

That's it for now.
Day Two soon.

Until next time...

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