Saturday, October 9, 2010

This's and That's

Forgive me.

A cute story first that I cannot forget.

The other night Jack and I were reading this chapter book together called, Coach Hyatt is a Riot. It's about this football team and their woman coach. When we read words that Jack can say correctly but I am not sure he knows what they mean I always stop him and check him for understanding- it's his weakness for sure. The kid can read almost anything you plop in front of him- he just may not get it. Kind of a catch 22.

Anyway- we read the word 'blimp.' I stopped him and asked him if he knew what a blimp was. He tells me: "Sure Mom. Let me draw you a picture."

So he draws me a picture. It's a big oval shaped thing with a 'basket' of some sort underneath, a guy carrying a camera and some words written across the blimp. He explains to me what he's drawn and then reads the words he's written across the blimp, just likes he's seen on TV.

It reads: PGATOUR.COM -- that's what he wrote on his picture.

Ya think the kids watches too much golf with his Dad?


Jack has about 2 1/1 weeks left of the fall baseball season. We are anxious for it to be over and look forward to next season. He needs to be challenged more and just not getting enough of it now- he sure will in the spring though.

His team is 4-1 and Jack is playing great and his confidence is high- just what he needs heading into the harder division in the spring.

We finally, after months of dripping hot sweaty nonsense, have nice weather. Park weather- I like to call it. Before sports and extracurriculars made our lives a bit busier we would go to the park 2-3 times a week. This week we finally squeezed in some time at the park before Riley's t-ball game. I can't wait to go again.

It was gorgeous. The kids played in the sand, rode bikes, climbed the playset, bummed snacks off of Traci- all while Traci and I caught up and snapped a few pics in the process:

The bikes have come back out. Jack is not your average bike lovin' kid. I don't think he's ever felt super comfortable on a bike- or maybe it's because he'd rather been playing catch or shootin' hoops, but on occasion he'll bust out the bike. Riley's been riding around a lot too. I really need to be better about wearing those helmets. Shame on me :(.

There she is- Ms. Priss. Man- she's been a handful lately. Her mouth is out of control. Something is going to have to change b/c she's been a pistol.

After taking this picture I had to do a double take b/c it looks like there is something weird on Ri's toe- but, alas, it's only a piece of bark .

Isn't she cute? I couldn't help but whip my camera out as Nora walked under the slides and instantly became Baby Einstein! So cute.

Ri's 'full swing' into her t-ball. She really really loves it. She has a few more games left and I think she'll play again in the spring. I am really proud of how hard she tries and how well she listens. It's quite obvious she has a loooong way to go- but it's a great experience for her.

I cannot believe this is Riley- all grown up on me. Seems like weeks ago I was feeding her a bottle.

At Ri's game last week Jack helped a lot. It was sweet to see big brother helping out.

That's it for now.

Until next time...

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Tupelo Honey said...

Cute pics and love the blimp story!

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