Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No pictures.

Just words this time. A post without pictures feels a bit 'naked' to me, but then again, a post without words would feel a bit 'naked' too.


Enjoying the last days of summer for our soon to be first grader. We've been reading a lot, trying to play catch up. We've been a bit lazy with the books this summer. Jack won't just pick up a book and start reading so it's up to me to encourage him to read and carve out time to read together. His reading level seems to have at minimum stayed the same this summer- at least he hasn't regressed.

I am excited, yet apprehensive for school to start for Jack next Wednesday. He is so ready for first grade. I am so ready for first grade. It's going to be an interesting year for him. He wasn't challenged much last year so I am hoping his teacher will push him this year.

On the other hand- the older Jack gets the spacier he gets. It has me a bit worried- I hope his teacher is neat and organized and will stay on top of Jack. He will need it, for sure.

Miss Ri on the other hand will be just fine in school. She's going five days and will need it. We go back and forth with sending her to kindergarten next year. I am hoping that her teacher will help lead us in the right direction .

The kids have been troopers this week, being dragged to PTO stuff and getting my car inspected. They have a big play date at the pool tmrw with some friends they haven't seen in a quite a while. Speaking of the pool, Riley passed her swim test today at the Y. She was able to swim on her own enough to get a 'yellow' necklace. She can swim everywhere on her own except for the deep end and slides. That means I don't have to be by her side! YEAH.

One week from tomorrow and another summer will have passed us by.

Until next time...

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