Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hang Out Weekend

Our family LOVES to socialize. Loves to hang w/ friends. Love to be busy. But- sometimes it's nice to hang, just the four of us.

Our weekends seem to fill up faster than we can keep up, but this weekend we had nothing on the agenda, besides a cleantheporchinthescorchingheat project. (What the hell were we thinking? Hey- it looks good.)

So - this weekend we hung out. Just us four. No one else. It was awesome:

Friday night was Lobster Night!!

Jack thought he was pinched but in actuality he scraped his hand on a rough part of the lobster. It was kind of funny. He'd be mad if he knew I was putting this pic of him on my blog! Sorry buddy.

Ri ready to go. Too bad this bib stayed on a whopping 1.7 seconds. I guess it was just on for a photo op.

The kids loved the lobster and ate more than I thought they would. I am so glad we ordered an extra one for them.

Saturday we scrubbed the porch. UGH! And then hit up a brand new fish store here in town. We bought some scallops and blue marlin. YUMM!

Ri passed the time while we cooked dinner by 'washing dishes.' I am hopin' this is something she still loves to do when she's a teenager.

Todd busted out the charcoal grill. What a brilliant idea!

And of course the boys got some catch time in. This is a nightly occurrence in our household. I am not sure what Jack's going to do during the winter months!

On Sunday we headed over to Cedarwood to swim. The kids splashed around for a bit in the water while I organized the garage (fun).

What a great weekend.

Until next time...

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JLMattson said...

OOOOH, a new fish store....where?

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