Thursday, May 6, 2010


Spring is quickly approaching summer here. Too fast for me. The azaleas have withered up and DO NOT look like this:

Riley's been water obsessed lately. Baby pool. Bath tub. Swim lessons. Slip-n-Slide. You name it. She loves them all. Maybe it has something to do with her lifelong obsession with all things liquid. The girl drinks more that any kid I know. Milk. Gatorade. Water. Juice box. You name it. She'll drink it. I just hope the obsession curbs before she's 18.

Jack only has FIVE more weeks of kindergarten. Then it's a full summer of camps, friends and trips before 1st grade. Ouch. He's growing up fast.

My peony is almost ready to bloom. I hope it doesn't bloom while we're in Providence this weekend. The peony is hands down my favorite flower. I carried a bouquet of them in our wedding- they are gorgeous. We have one peony bush- it was really small last year- only one flower. This year we have 6-8 blossoms. I think we might need to buy some more.

Kody is recovering fine from surgery. He only wore that big cone thing for a couple of hours. He hasn't messed with his stitches at all! He's going to my mom's for a week while we're gone. I am sure he'll get walked every day- which is way more that I can say for him at home.

I planted gladiolus a few weeks ago. A bag full of bulbs has quickly turned into this:

I cannot wait to see them in full bloom. They are great flowers to throw in a vase! Love 'em.

That's it for now. Catch ya on the flip side of Rhode Island.

Until next time...

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