Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Good Man

The world lost a good man on April 30th, 2010. Todd's Uncle Paul died this past Friday of a massive heart attack. It's because of him that Todd's entire family has enjoyed many special memories on Martha's Vineyard. Uncle Paul spent summers on the Vineyard growing up, his kids spent summers on MVY and now his grandkids and extended family spend time there.

Todd and I were engaged on the Vineyard and were married there so MVY will always hold a special place in our hearts. And we have Uncle Paul to thank for that.

Uncle Paul was an artist. A damn good one at that. He created watercolors and sketches that were amazing. I only wish we had an original, especially now. Many of them were of special places on the Vineyard, like these two:

The pictures above are sketches Uncle Paul did of the Agricultural Hall on the Vineyard. That's where Todd and I had our reception. It's a HUGE barn that opens up to beautiful fields. They do three weddings a year (at least back when we were married) and we were lucky enough to be one of them in 2002.

Uncle Paul would take these sketches and watercolors and turn them into beautiful calendars that each family received for Christmas. They will be missed! And he was always the one 'behind the camera.' After each family gathering Paul would compile all of the photos, put together photo albums and mail one to each family. Priceless.

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend time with Uncle Paul and his wife Janie over New Years this year in DeBordieu. And yes, he put together a photo album for everyone! They drove down from Providence, RI to hang in the the South with everyone. We will forever be thankful for this time. He was introduced to all things southern while visiting and I think he liked it! I think it was his first time seeing an actual pig being BBQ'd!

We'll miss you Uncle Paul. Thanks for the memories, the photography books, the calendars and most of all: your love and hospitality. We look forward to celebrating your life this weekend in Providence.

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