Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time flies...

when you're havin' fun. Isn't that what the old adadge says? Well- it's true. I cannot believe that it's already Saturday afternoon and we're halfway through our first trip to the beach this summer.

It's a whole lot different than last summer. Ri's much more independent. She 'swims' on her own w/ a floatie. Jack's all over the deep end and diving for goodies. The kids are having a great time, although they are looking forward to spending some time w/ their cousins over the 4th of July.

Jack has done a little yard work for Poppy to earn a Star Wars Lego and Ri conquered her fear of peeing in the potty anywhere but home so she earned a new Polly Pocket. (We shall see if she continues this at home- who knows).

We've spent loads of time at the beach and pool and even scored a fabulous babysitter for last night and had a nice dinner w/ Todd's parents and another couple.

Here's some pics: enjoy.

Jack lovin' the pool.

Ri- little Miss Independent

Another shot of the J-ster.

The kids LOVE playing w/ Lacey. In fact, whenever Jack takes her out to go potty Gammy gives him a dime.

Give a girl a (mini) Coach purse and I swear she's happy for life.

And of course I have been having a BALL w/ my camera. I went out on the golf this a.m. all alone and snapped away. Click here if you want to see more.

Until next time...

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