Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today Todd and I had some time to work in the yard, without kids. My friend Carrie took the kids this morning (thank you) and they had a blast. Ri's never really been on a playdate alone before (with the exception of our good friends and some neighbors) and I was curious as to how she would do.

Quite well.

I dropped the kids off at 10:30 and we got to work trimming bushes. How exciting. A necessary evil though.

We picked up Ri at 1:15 and Jack wanted to stay. No problem. We ran a few errands, came home and planted some bushes and flowers and waited for Jack to come home.

He got home at 5:30 and Carrie said the boys spent the ENTIRE day outside. SEVEN hours. As soon as we went in I popped Jack in the shower and he was SPENT. Done. He cried for a while, out of pure exhaustion.

So- needless to say he went to bed early tonight. 7:30 and he was out.

Paa Paa spent the weekend w/ us too and went home early today. Todd and I were able to get out both Friday and Saturday night (thanks Paa Paa!).

Sooo- another busy week lies ahead.

Until next time...

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