Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few moments and a funny story

So Ri has a friend over right now. She's been busy w/ the play dates lately- growing up way too fast for me. It's so cute to watch and listen as Ri shows Ellie all of her toys and tells her to stay away from jack's Lego table.

She just went into the bathroom and filled a little cup w/ water so they could play 'tea party.'

I must say: adorable.

I can hear Ri saying: "Ellie-let's play this." And then Ri run and jump on the couch. They are having the time of their lives. I am just sitting here 'keeping an eye on them' while I play on the computer.

Right now they are playing Hungry Hippo. Or something like that.


Two nights ago Ri woke at least 5-6 times for no particular reason. ARGH! I was quite frustrated. So last night I crashed at 8:30, anticipating a rough night. With Todd out of town i knew I'd be up at the crack of dawn w/ her so I went to bed early. Well- my dear daughter slept from 8:00-almost 7:00- with NO PEEPS. Sweet. I woke refreshed and ready to start my day.


Jack had his last t-ball practice/scrimmage last night. Now the games start. He is really loving it. He mostly plays outfield since it's his first season. Last night he fielded two balls- one of them he fought w/ a teammate over. Although I was psyched to see him 'fighting' for the ball- we had to have a little chat about fighting w/ a teammate over it. I was proud of him though. His first game is Saturday.


So- for the funny story.

Yesterday morning we were in the playroom before school and jack's building Legos, like usual.

He says: My Legos stink. Gross. He brings them over to Todd and I. We check them out and indeed, they do smell.

Like urine. OMG!

I can easily see some dried peeps on the edge of his Lego bucket.

Who on Earth would do such a thing?

It certainly wasn't the dog.

Ri didn't take her dipe off, squat over the Lego bucket and relieve herself.

So- who does that leave?


It seems that our son that hates being scolded so therefore does not get into trouble much (his sister takes care of that in our house) peed in his Lego bucket. He fiercely denies this, but I have my doubts.

So we had to fill up the sink w/ hot soapy water and clean all of the Legos, plus the bucket.

I did tell him if I found peeps on his Legos again all the Legos would be disappearing again.


Sooo- I am not much of a prayer or God worshiper. Maybe one day I will be, I hope.

But - there's this lady's blog I have been reading since last summer. I cannot remember how I came across her blog- but she is a fabulous writer and photographer and I just enjoy reading her posts. Plus she has 4 kids ages 4 and under and I love reading how she manages so many small children. Sometimes they get a little God-heavy for me, but it's her blog, so she can write what she wants. Anyway- her 4th child, Stellan, is VERY VERY sick w/ a heart condition and in the hospital. Click here to follow her story and keep her in your prayers.

Until next time....

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tsdelity said...

Nice! Momentary lapse in judgement but can't believe he would jepordize his legos like that!

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