Thursday, February 26, 2009

On her own terms...

Seems that Miss Priss is in no hurry what so ever to wear big girl underwear.


This a.m. she did not want a diaper on. Okay. So we threw on her Dora undies.

I then tried to put her pants on. Nope. She thought wearing underwear was good enough. She seriously did not want her pants put back on.

Sooooo. I let her run around in her Dora undies and she used the potty three times this morning. It was close to time to leave to take Jack to school and Ri still did not want to put on a diaper.

Alrighty then.

So- we leave the house w/ our trusty friend Dora and NO DIAPER (on her at least). In her gym bag (the bag she takes into childwatch while I work out) was a full change of clothes, dipes, wipes and socks. I even purposely put her in Crocs in case she made a mess down her legs.

We talk in the car quite a bit about telling mommy if she has to go potty. It's as if I am a broken record saying it over and over. I tell her that she needs to go potty once we get to the school or we have to put a diaper on. Humpfh. Yeah right.

We get to school, drop Jack off and head into the bathroom. NO DICE! She is afraid of the toilet. She says to me: Mommy- it smells. I don't like it.


Ok- so we head to the gym after running a quick errand. It's been an hour and a half since she went to the bathroom. She's a drinkaholic so she fills up a diaper quick! Again- at the gym she's afraid of the potty.

She is afraid of the public potty. So I put her diaper on and she did not care. Argh.

Lord have Mercy. I plan on going gold turkey once school is out in May if she hasn't done it by then. Wish me luck.

Until next time...

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