Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Summer is slowly winding down and before we know it school will start.  
We've had a fun and busy summer to say the least.  

When I grew up we went away exactly one week each summer to North Myrtle Beach - never going anywhere else.  We loved the beach and those weeks were always super fun.   Otherwise we spent out summers outside with all the neighbor kids.  I don't recall planned activities around town at all.  

Things are definitely different for my kids as we won't have a neighborhood where my kids can just run around and find kids outside to play with.  So that leads to lots of planned activities.  (Although Jack makes his own plans now - I am just his Uber driver).  

This summer has been a lot about making memories and having fun with friends.   In fact- today we are going bowling.  Me and six kids!  HAHA- fun times.  

Last week while Riley was being spoiled rotten by her grandparents Jack had fun with his friends and Haddie and I had lots of time together.  

Silly girl....

Haddie passed out after a fun filled day with her sitter.

Jack's good friend Camp turns 14- and a wing eating contest commences.  

Happy birthday Camp!

Haddie had a birthday party as well for her sweet friend Sterling. 

We took the boys to Carrigan Farms last week - they had an absolute blast!   

And this past Friday we had an overnight visitor- Miss Kenley and her mom and dad! 

Until next time....

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