Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Catching Up... Big time.

Well- it's been a while since I've posted.  I do have great intentions of posting at least once a week but sometimes it's takes a backseat to sleep.  Honestly- I am so wiped out each night that I do not want to sit down and write.  I enjoy writing and need to do it more - one day. 

A couple weeks ago Todd and Riley flew to New York City for a Daddy/Daughter weekend.  They stayed at the boutique Marriott, ate super yummy food, shopped, walked around and saw Wicked on Broadway.  It was a super quick 36 hours but they both had a great time.  

We've spent lots and lots of time in the pool when we are home.  The girls and I have been swimming a lot at night while Jack's at football.  Yes- football is now in week two.  It's very time consuming but so worth it.  I have a feeling this is his last year of playing - he's talked about focusing on baseball full time again- but we'll see.  

It's been a busy summer for Hadley.  Lots of swimming, running the big kids around, late nights, helping me in the kitchen, playing with Riley and Jack (and their friends) and of course throwing a few tantrums.  

She even passed out on the hard floor a couple weeks ago while I was at Jack's last baseball tournament.  

Jack's best friend JP got a kayak for Christmas and they finally busted it out last week- with the help of JP's Dad.  These boys and their fishing escapades. 

My bestie Kim and I- we snuck out for dinner.  It is always nice to spend some one on one time with her.  

Riley would KILL me if she knew I posted this (so don't tell her).   She gets upset when Jack picks on her - like normal big brothers do.  She got really mad last week and wrote this letter to Jack.  She folded it up- stuffed it in an envelope with some candy and gave it to him.  Sweet girl 

Both girls went to camp last week.  Riley and her friend Sydney went to Fit 180 camp- it's a running camp for girls.  She loved it and learned lots about running for longer distances and nutrition.   

Hadley went to camp at her preschool.  Her teacher texted me these pics of her being brave holding a lizard and little snake.  Love it!

This past weekend we headed down to the beach one last time.   Our friends Jim and Meagan and their kids Camp and Fin.  We had a great time on the beach, fishing, crabbing, eating and just hanging out.   

A little photo shoot in their new DeBordieu t-shirts.  

Riley stayed at the beach this week for some one on one time with her Gammy and Poppy (and to get away from her little sister I think).  She's enjoying her time away- but we sure do miss her!

Until next time...

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