Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NYC and then some

One of my sweet friends text me last week at 9:45.... her brother and sister-in-law, who have tried for years to get pregnant and gone through IVF five times, were pregnant with identical twins.  Sadly they lost the babies.  She's devastated for her brother and sister-in-law.  My heart aches terribly for her family.   

I quickly found this quote online and sent it to her:  

Life is fleeting and it's easy to get caught up in the 'busy-ness' of life.  Hearing things like this happen make me stop to realize how lucky we really are.   

Todd and I enjoyed our weekend away... it was quick and busy but so much fun.  

This was my lunch Friday- filet, roasted garlic, asparagus and lemon potatoes - seriously the BOMB.  Greek salad prior.  

Todd's lunch- fried snapper club sandwich with beet chips.  

Fresh olives, fresh hummus and radishes to start.... amazing. 

Yeah- real olive oil.... to die for. 

Close up of my garlic.... 

This lunch place had TONS of fresh fish- I sent Jack this video!

We had a reunion of sorts with Todd's childhood friends and their significant others Friday night.  It was the best night ever.  Great food, drinks and company. 

We spent Saturday visiting the 911 Memorial, walking around the Lower East Side, taking a shop tour of the Tenement Museum, eating another fabulous meal and seeing The Book of Mormon.  

Loved this funny quote in one of the bars we were in....

Todd's vodka (double) and soda in the plastic to-go cup at the theater was a whopping $29. 

The kids were well taken care of by Gammy and Poppy and had a great time.  

Ri went with her friend Annie to get mani/pedi's. 

And she had a soccer party when we returned. 

They were happy to see us return.  

We had a last minute visit from Mike and Sally and their ADORABLE baby Kenley on Monday for the night.   Love that little munchkin. 

Jack broke his ring finger on his left hand last night-- split the bone in three pieces.  Poor kid. Smashed it in between weights while working out.  

Hadley had a playdate with her friend Sterling today - they had the best time together.  Here are the two of them last year and this summer together.   

Riley is OBSESSED with making slime these days.  Literally obsessed.   Here the girls do some explaining...

Cute video of haddie eating corn on the cob- her favorite.  

Until next time....

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