Friday, May 12, 2017

"I love my Mommy...."

Yesterday was Hadley's Mother's Day Luncheon at school.   This is a tradition in the three year old classes.   Next year it's Donuts with Dad's.   

Here's a link to Riley's luncheon seven years ago. 

The kids come out and put on a super cute how - singing several songs and then we eat lunch together.   Sweet memories!

Hadley apparently loves me because I read her books IN THE MIDDLE of the night.  Ummm- huh?  I have never done that.  Now we read 3-4 books before bedtime... but never in the middle of the night.  

My self portrait!  

This?  Let's chat about this Hadley.  
First- I guess I am old.  Sighhhh...
And my job is to clean everything???  Guess we need to show her mommies can do other things. 
And I don't eat sandwiches that often but I do like to drink water!
And I have been going to the gym every day so that's a good thing she's noticing!  Plus I've been telling her to get ready to go again this summer and make new friends. 

My sweetie and I at her luncheon. 

Julia, Carter, Ruby, Hadley and Ariella.   Cute friends. 

Hadley and Tristan. 

Middle school baseball ended last night- the boys lost in the playoffs.  We didn't think the team would go far but I thought we'd at least win last night.  Jack played great and pitched well... looking forward to seeing him play this summer.   

Hadley had her four year old well visit this week.  She weighs the exact same as Riley did when Ri turned six.  For real.  Hadley is 70% for weight and height so she is destined to be our tallest kid for sure!  YEAH!

And Hadley's soccer shots ended this week.  She was so sad.   I am signing her up for micro soccer this fall- she's totally ready to play games.  My little beast. 

Oh Riley.  She has to win an award for BEST BIG SISTER EVER.  Seriously - Hadley is obsessed with her and cannot leave her side.  In fact- the other night we went to watch the high school soccer playoff game and I had to leave early to pick up Jack from practice.  Riley stayed with friends and Haddie cried from the stands to the car - begging for me to "take her back to be with Riley!!"   

Riley often showers with her and even put her to bed last night when the girls had a sitter.  She plays with her, swims with her and lets Haddie tag along when her friends are here. 

Best sister ever!!!!

We love Coach Emma- she's been a rock star coach and Haddie adores her. 

Until next time....

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