Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Picture Overload

Well- that was quick.  
48 hours at the beach and Thanksgiving is over.  
Big football day tomorrow in the Milligan household and a Christmas tree to pick up.  

Jack was in fishing heaven the last two days - he fished Wednesday afternoon and evening (with Riley), went oystering and fishing Thursday with Poppy and Todd, fishing Thursday afternoon with Riley and back out this AM for a little before we headed home.  

The best part of all this fishing was seeing how excited Riley was to spend time with her brother and learn how to fish from him.  They caught tons of fish together.  Hadley even caught her first fish.  

It was a quick trip but fun as always.   Busy few weeks ahead but looking forward to it.  

We went on a few gator hunts on the golf cart.  They were everywhere!  

These two!  Love to see them get along.

Not to be left out, Haddie went out back to fish with Todd and the big kids before dinner and caught her very first fish.  She was beyond elated.  

Always ready to pose for a pic. 

Golf cart selfie!

We started eating Thanksgiving dessert Wednesday night- so yummy. 

More golf cart selfies!

So this AM Gammy, Riley and I took Hadley over to the clubhouse for breakfast with Santa.   You can all guess how that went... complete meltdown.  Hadley wanted nothing to do with Santa.  In fact- she asked me to go back and tell Santa she wanted a teddy bear for Christmas.  Then she was upset that she didn't have a teddy bear right then and there... oh boy.  

This pic is all we got- Riley being a trooper.  

We took a few pics for Gammy and Poppy's Christmas card.... 

One of the rare times you'll see me in front of the camera.   Actually turned out halfway decent.  

Someone crashed on the way home.

We got home, dumped out stuff inside and headed out back for a couple hours.  The kids swam in the hot tub.

And Jack almost fell in the pool... the 59 degrees pool!  Brrrr.  

Silly Jack. 

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