Monday, November 21, 2016

It's almost December

I have always been a list person.  Always.  But I am not that organized about my lists.  They may be on my phone, on a sticky note, in a notebook, in my mind, on a random sheet of paper.  Typically I have a small yellow notepad and my favorite markers and I keep my lists by the computer.  

But the holidays seem to make those lists grow exponentially:

-buy gifts
-wrap gifts
-pack (we always travel)
-holiday parties
-take Xmas card pics
-address those envelopes 
-mail those cards
-class parties

And the list goes on... and both kids start basketball next week, Jack goes back to baseball conditioning and Riley starts futsal.  

Talk about crazy-train... it's just getting started.  

But- I can check one thing off my list:  CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES!   WHOO HOOOOOO!

We took them this past weekend.  Haddie hammed it up.  Jack- not so much. In fact, I was outside taking pics of the ladies and Todd found Jack inside on his phone.  Shocking.  

Here are some outtakes: 

This past weekend was gorgeous out- the temps dropped Sunday but Saturday was so nice.  Hadley loves to build a fire with Todd.  It's their thing.  She is totally into it... can you tell?

Riley wasn't around all weekend- birthday sleepover party Friday and then she spent the day and night with Addy Saturday night. 

Keeping up with Jack's social calendar proves to be entertaining at times. 

Friday: dinner out, high school football game
Saturday:  fishing with buddies, big birthday party for his good friend Conner
Sunday: chilling at home and football banquet

All of the kids at the birthday party:

The 7th grade football team: 

The boys did the mannequin challenge (not so well but they did it): 

Can't believe it's three days until Thanksgiving- unreal.  

December will be packed and I hope to enjoy it- we have a super fun week planned after Christmas and I can't wait for it!

Until next time....

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