Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gymnast in the Making

So Hadley doesn't have school on Monday's... last year we spent every Monday at the swimming pool learning how to swim.  We all know how that went.... my little fish was fully swimming by June. 

This year she has a gymnastics from 10-11 and absolutely loves it.  She is super excited every week and cannot wait to go.  The gym she goes to has an open play time from 10-11:30 all week for toddlers and yesterday I let her stay and play after class until 11:30 and play.

Love our Monday's together!  

Jack's team won their first playoff game this past Saturday... now they play again this Saturday.  Winner goes to the championship game November 5th.   

They are practicing hard this week and I can't wait until Saturday!  

Haddie getting in on the action- she loves going to the games.  

We've still had some days in the 80's - although it's starting to cool off this week.  Riley and Addy went swimming last week!  Brrr...

And last Saturday we went to a corn maze and bonfire with Riley and her team.   Sweet girls and lots of fun.

Three birthday parties, two soccer games and one football game this coming weekend!  Fun times...

Until next time....

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