Sunday, October 16, 2016

Been a While

It's been a while since I have written a big blog post... 
I do think about writing but then I get side tracked and forget.  
Terrible excuse. 

The last couple of weeks have been slam packed as usual.
Between Hurricane Matthew changing plans and having a houseful last weekend, sports, school work, volunteer work, Todd being gone a ton, etc... it's a wonder I'm not passed out by 9:00 every night.  

Last weekend we went to our favorite hibachi place with our favorite friends, The Linner's.  The boys were supposed to be in Charleston fishing for their 13th birthday.  Instead our friends from Charleston evacuated to our house.

Our kids have always loved their "Uncle DiPaolo."  He's always been super sweet to our kids.  Hadley helped him cook last weekend while they were here. 

Two days after they went back home Mike and Sally welcomed their first baby to the world.  Kinley Marie was born Tuesday- after a very scary birth.  Thankful both Sally and Kinley are ok and home and doing well.  

We were lucky to have Ava, Jeff and Tracy spend the day and night with us Saturday night.  Ava had a game Sunday at 1:00- same time as Riley.  Fun to see these two cuties in their soccer uniforms.  

Hadley loves a fire pit... and she loves to 'build' a fire pit.  Over and over again.  

The kids were off last Wednesday for a teacher work day....
Riley had a new friend over and Jack went to an impromptu party- huge yard and lots of sticks down from the hurricane so the kids were busy picking up sticks at Connor's house.  

Friday afternoon the ladies and I went to a sweet pumpkin patch and found some pumpkins... Hadley was in heaven- again!

Yesterday we went for a small hike down the street  in the new 'hood being built.  Lots of big rocks and Jack did a little fishing.  

And little Miss Hizzy is working hard on learning her letters.  She recognizes letters literally all over the place- books, restaurants, stores, etc... it's so cute to see her brain work and develop.  

Until next time....

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