Monday, July 18, 2016

Lifelong Friends

Todd and I are always encouraging our kids to meet new people, add to their circle of friends, pick up other new friend along the way, etc…. Friends are important and true friendships are good for the soul.   We love spending time with our friends and we enjoy entertaining… it's fun for everyone.  

This past weekend we spent with good friends.  Todd's life long childhood friend Justin, his girlfriend and their daughter (Riley's age) came to visit from CT for the weekend.   And Justin's college roommate, Mike, and his wife Sally came for the weekend as well.  We had a great time.  We added a few local friends to the mix all day Saturday and hung by the pool, ate lots of yummy food and may or may not have enjoyed a few cocktails.  

The ladies and I started our weekend with a mani/pedi. 

This is how Riley ended her weekend yesterday.   She crawled up in that tiny chair and passed out for an hour.   

Poor Haddie doesn't get to hang with kids her age much but she spent hours and hours with her buddy Jack Saturday.  They had a blast together swimming for hours on end, eating popcorn, building forts and being silly.  

And speaking of friends… Jack went away for the weekend with one of his BFF's - Matthew.   Matthew's grandpa lives on a lake in southern VA and they spent the weekend fishing, paddle boarding,  tubing, skiing, swimming and having a blast.  Just the guys.  Next time we all want to go! 

Jack got up on water skis the 2nd try.  

Fun fishing…

I wish I had more pics of the girls but they weren't taken on my phone!  If I get ahold of them I will add them to the blog.   

Meanwhile the kids are back to normal today- hanging with friends.  While the ladies swam the boys shot hoops and perfected flipping water bottles….

One more week until football begins and then soccer the week after!   Summer is flying. 

Until next time….

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