Friday, February 12, 2016


Last weekend Riley started soccer - with a big tournament up in Lake Norman.  
She played four games in two days and did really well. 
She played up with a high level team for the first three games and then played with her normal team the last game.   I think she's much more comfortable with her normal team but we'll see. 
Her coach is going to move her back and forth to see where she fits best and we're fine with that.   

I'm proud of her for working hard and giving it her best.  

This is what Haddie did during Riley's first game Sunday… rolled down the hill over and over. 

Hizzy is slowly phasing out her naps.  Makes me sad in a way but it's part of life.  She'll go hang in the playroom with the iPad or TV on and play for a cpl hours though so it's alright.  

This was her the other day: 

And someone got ahold of my phone….

Until next time….

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