Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween- a tad late

Because I am slacking greatly in the picture taking department nowadays I really don't have any good pics from Halloween last weekend.  

Literally I had NO pics of Jack.  I relied on my friend to text me some pics since Jack left us this year.  I didn't bust out my big camera - at all.   Not even any cute pics on the front steps.   I am a little disappointed in myself to be honest.  I know I'll regret it one day when I am looking up pics from various Halloween's.   

Riley was a zombie soccer player.  

The neighborhood crew.  (This may or may not be the only picture I took of Hadley in her costume). 

Jack was a monkey.  

Jack and his crew. 

And just for kicks I found these two pics- from four years ago.   Riley in her princess costume picking her nose.   And Jack tossing the football in his Frankenstein costume.  

The biggest thing we've had going on this week is wrestling.  Jack had practice Tues-Fri night.  I am not too sure what he thinks about it yet - some days he likes it- others not so much.  

Luckily it's a quick season and we have all the big holidays in there.   

This coming week is Riley's last week of soccer and her last soccer game.   Jack has his football banquet, 6th grade dance and a field trip.  

Another busy week.  

Soon enough Thanksgiving will be here!

Until next time….

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