Friday, October 30, 2015

Times Are a Changing

Literally and figuratively times are changing around here. 
Thank God we turn back the clock Saturday night because we have fun plans tomorrow night for Halloween AND Jack has to be 45 minutes away by 8:00 a.m. Sunday for his last baseball tournament of the fall.  (Although it's calling for rain so maybe we'll get rained out?)  At least he gets to sleep an extra hour.  

And- my kids are growing up on me.  How dare they do that? :))--
Seriously though- I want to build a fire in the backyard but no one is home!  It's a gorgeous afternoon and Jack is at school and then headed straight to football practice and Riley is off with a friend.  Boooo…. I'm all alone!  (Well - Hadley is sleeping!)

And we never made it to a pumpkin patch this year… never.  Not even the ones on the side of the road. Forget about the real pumpkin patches with corn mazes.  No chance.   Our pumpkins came from the grocery store.  Terrible.  

And I didn't even take pictures of us carving pumpkins.  That's probably because I really didn't do much.

Next year I'll do better.  

And Jack isn't even trick-or-treating with us this year!  He's off with a group of friends and cannot wait.  We'll join them later for drinks by the fire but still… it's bittersweet.  

So while I wallow in my self - pity of getting older… here's a few pics from this week.  

Super fun night at the Panthers game last Sunday with our good friends!  So much fun.

Swim lesson queen.  She loves her teacher but is a bit stubborn in the water.  Shocker!

Backyard redo take ONE!  Trees down and play set gone!

Haddie has been really into reading books 'on her own' lately.  She loves this darn frog and is always reading to it. 

Haddie's teacher sent us these two pics.  Fun Halloween Party in class yesterday.  Too cute. 

Until next time...

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