Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Little Gym

A couple months ago Paa Paa mentioned that Haddie would love a gym class. 
I agreed but with preschool and swim lessons I was already paying enough every month.  And that's just Haddie. 

Well- she said, "I'll pay for it!"  
Ok then.  

So we started a 'special gym class' on Wednesday's at 11:00 and she LOVES it.  It's probably her favorite thing to do right now.  There's only 2-3 other kids in her class and she has the sweetest young teacher ever.  

It's interesting to watch her interact with kids her own age.  She's very competitive and will beat you out at just about anything.  When the teacher blows bubbles at the end of each class Haddie is front and center trying to pop all the BIG bubbles.  

Needless to say we're working on sharing and being nice to our friends.  

So here you go Paa Paa- now you just need to come up and take her to a class yourself!  

(This pic above was taken right when we walked in.  Notice the 'high socks.'  She picked those out and put them on by herself - and the shoes.)

Until next time….

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