Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Fun

Our first official week of summer has come to a close. 
We had no major plans this week, no camps, no trips, nothing.  
But - Daddy was in California all week so Paa Paa came up and hung out with us for a couple days.  

We have had a fun week. 

Let's see….

We have pool hopped.
Both kids had sleepovers.
Both kids bought roller blades. 
Went roller blading more times than I can count. 
Went out for burgers and milk shakes. 
Busted out the slip-n-slide. 
Played Legos (Haddie is really into Jack's tiny ones).
Played Play-Do.
Gone to the gym - big kids have run the indoor track with me twice this week. 
Slept until 8:10 *that would be me! Yes - Haddie slept past 8 one day*.
Played with friends. 
And the list goes on….

Next week is volleyball camp for Ri and football camp for Jack. 
Then we're off to the beach for a week and a half or so!!
Then it's our trip to Maine and Boston. 
Then it's back home for the rest of the summer and the start of sports!

Some fun videos and pics from this week. 

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