Sunday, May 24, 2015

Odds and Ends

This sweet girl tried out for a Youth Academy Competitive Soccer Team last week.  We found out Friday AM that Riley made a team!  She's super excited.  All of the girls that tried out from her rec team also made it, along with an old friend from preschool.  

This team is a bigger commitment and she'll practice two nights a week instead of one, but she is very excited and I'm happy for her.  

Jack has almost completed his elementary school years.  This past Friday his reading AIG class performed a mock trial, based on a book they read, at a local county courthouse.  Jack was the Clerk of Court and presented all of the evidence.  

It was fun to watch.  A great group of kids for sure. 

 Oh boy… this little lady.  I have a story to tell that I will remind her of years from now. 
One night last week I cooked dinner for the kids and I.  After dinner the kids went outside to play while I cleaned up real quick.  
Haddie always follows Jack and Riley outside and they're pretty good about keeping an eye on her for me at times. 
Well- I went outside to check on her and she was sitting on her bike.  Apparently she had taken a poop and was playing with it… her poop was all over her hands, shirt, bike and up her back.  
Needless to say I promptly took her upstairs and gave her a bath.  

This past Thursday was Hadley's last day of preschool. 
It came so quickly this year.  
Here she is with Mrs. Anna on her last day of school.
We will miss her so much.  Haddie loved school so much!

Here is Haddie last September at school. 

Here she is in January.

And this May.

And this weekend - what a fun weekend.
Friday, after Jack's field trip he went home with a friend.  Then a group of boys got together at another boys house and ended up at our friends the Moonan's until 11:30- while the adults had a wine tasting!!

Yesterday we did some stuff around the house and then the adults played poker and other card games at our neighbors.  We laughed and laughed so hard!!!

And this morning we gave Jack a phone.  His very first cell phone… crazy!
Here's the first picture he took on his phone. 

Todd and the big kids are over at our friends house for a cookout with a few families right now.  Haddie and I will join them as soon as she gets up!
Tomorrow is a bonus weekend day.  We may go swimming or out to lunch or something fun!  

Found this gem while sifting through old pictures….

Until next time….

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