Thursday, May 14, 2015

Odds and Ends

Found a few selfies on my phone….

These were only two of 12-13 pics the girls took of themselves while I was in the shower. 

These two ladies spend lots of time together at night.  Since mid-February Jack has had baseball practice three nights a week.  And now he has conditioning for middle school football (tryouts are in late July) on Monday nights.  Needless to say Jack is gone a lot - so it's just the girls and I most evenings. 

This little cutie… she has been so much fun lately.  KNOCK ON WOOD… but she's sleeping like a champ at night- I've only had to go in her room once this past month or so.  She's been sleeping until 6:30-7:00 most mornings and napping fairly consistently.  I pushed her crib away from her twin bed to now she can't get out.  (Although I do think she could hop out still if she really wanted to). 

Some days she does play in bed for a long time before she falls asleep for her nap - signs that she'll be giving up that nap before too long.  I cannot imagine her nap disappearing.  It's what keeps me sane!  But - the day will come.  

I was sitting with Ri the other night on the couch while she watched TV and snapped this sweet picture of her.  As much drama comes with raising females, this girl makes me so proud most of the time.  Behind her eye rolls is a heart of gold.  Love her.  

Can you tell Haddie likes to play with her sisters hair accessories?
Enough said. 

The other day Haddie was on an ornery kick. 
Within a span of an hour or two the following things happened: 

1- I found her on her bathroom sink 'cleaning' her toes.  
2- this was after she took purple marker and drew all over those toes
3- and she took that same purple marker and made a row of about 10 small lines on the table in the playroom
4 - she climbed on Riley's desk and dumped her water all over Ri's stuff
5 - she took all the lids off her markers and put them in her plastic car- leaving the markers to dry out

The life of a toddler!

Jack's been very curious about cooking.  May be because his Dad really is a fantastic cook - when he has the time.  He recently taught Jack how to make burgers.   Last week I bought some ground chuck and gave him the two packages and asked him to make us some burgers.  

Well- he made the patties, seasoned them up with seasoning salt, pepper and garlic powder.  I grilled them and they were delicious.   This week we did it again and he grilled them.  I kept an eye on him - but he pretty much grilled them himself.  

So cute!  Love that kid. 

A few more videos from recent days.  

until next time...

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