Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LAX, Selfies and Tubes

Riley is really enjoying her lacrosse season.  I wish she could attend all of the practice but she also has soccer on the same night- can't do both.  It's fun watching her slowly get more aggressive and learn how to play.  I hope she sticks with it. 

Haddie loves looking at pics of herself on my phone.  She watches videos constantly… here is a few of us playing around the other day.  Such a sweetie pie. 

Big belly!  

Haddie followed in her big sisters footsteps and had tubes placed in her ears yesterday.  Hoping this will kick start more talking, better sleeping, etc…. She did great at the surgery center, struggled for a bit when we got home, pepped up and then slept the afternoon away.  

I'm hoping she does the same today--- since she was up at 5:15. :(

My girls playing at the baseball field last night.  There's an awesome park next to the fields where Jack's team practices outdoors.   Needless to say after sleeping all afternoon yesterday Haddie was raring to go last night. 

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