Thursday, March 19, 2015


I used to watch this show called "Hoarders."   It's a show about people obsessed with collecting things or holding on to things etc….  but to the extreme.  

There are some things I like to hoard… like pictures, special items from the kids (jerseys, school papers, etc…).   

But… on the flip side I love to get rid of stuff.  I have been known on more than one occasion to take big, black garbage bags to the playroom closet just because I can't stand the clutter anymore.   Just this week I tossed dirty old clothes, donated some and sold some.  

But - some things are worth keeping. 

This cute little outfit that Hadley wore on St. Patrick's Day to preschool used to be Riley's (when she was three.)  And I do believe someone passed it along to us.  So who knows how old it is but it's in good shape and I found it in a bin of riley's old clothes I had stashed away in the attic. 

And I searched through months and months of pics and found Riley in the outfit as well.  I don't have one of her looking up or at the camera but we were at Discovery Place with friends - she was too busy to look at me.  

And while I was searching for that darn picture of Riley in the green outfit I ran across these oldies but goodies.  Riley was so incredibly scared of the ocean the summer she was three.  I have a feeling my sweet Hizzy won't be scared.  

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