Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Way Back

Occasionally I will look back on old blogs that write - quietly laughing to myself as I read about past shenanigans of our family.  
Often I am left feeling a bit bittersweet - especially since the big kids are growing up so quickly.  Our oldest starts middle school this coming fall.  Unreal. 

Then there are times I run across blogs I wrote like this one:  and for fun I have updated these old resolutions in red to reflect what I think now,  eight years later.  



Happy New Year everyone. We rang in the New Year quietly with an early dinner and movie, We Are Marshall. It was a nice, quiet evening. Much different from college days. As you spend your day watching football or making your traditional dinner (or neither for that matter) don't forget to take time to make some resolutions.

Besides the obvious, losing some lbs, I will try to do the following things as much as possible this year:

1. spend less money at Target (for you Todd).
   Sadly this is not the case.  In fact- I am sure it's worse than ever.  Oops

2. read one book per month.
   I never read 'real' books anymore.  I love, love reading the news and articles online but a real book?  Not so much.  I did buy two books (paper books) to take to Aruba and I plan on reading them.  Unbroken and some thriller I can't recall the name.  
3. write more.
   I am sure after I wrote this post back in 2007 I did write more.  These days I still write - just not as much as I used to.  Our nights are filled with sports and other things so my time is more limited.  
4. cook more.
   This is a joke.  I used to LOVE to cook.  I still do on occasion but on a regular basis?  Forget about it.  I cooked Monday night for the kids and I and it was a disaster.  Hadley was into all kinds of things and the kids ended up with left overs from Sunday.  So last night was Chick fil A.  Tonight is soup that I made this AM.   
5. get Jack to poop in the toilet (sorry!).
   I will say it was a couple more months after I wrote this blog in 2007 before Jack did this.  Poor thing - one day he'll read this blog and be so pissed at me that I wrote about his poop issues.  Sorry kid.  
6. take a kidless vacation.
   Last time we did that was to Boston - when I was preggers with Haddie.  The time will come for us to do that again but it's just too hard to leave a fodder and the big kids behind.  Too much going on.  
7. try to find some time to volunteer somewhere.
   Oh - if I knew then what I know now.  I spend four years at my kids elementary school volunteering ALL the time.   I still do from time to time but not like I used to.  Once Haddie gets a bit older I'd like to branch out and volunteer with an organization of some kind- we'll see.  
8. drink less Diet Coke.
   Proud to say I haven't had a Diet Coke since August 25th of last year.  It was hard but now I don't miss it at all.  
9. spend less time in the Chic Fila drive thru (sorry Jack).
     See number 4 above. 
10. watch less reality T.V.
    Another oops.  I still love my reality tv.  Survivor.  Big Brother.  Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Those are the main ones.   
In all seriousness, it's back to the real world tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone.

Until next time

Until next time..

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