Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Year in Review…. or not.

It just occurred to me that after reading many other 'year in review' blogs I should have written one myself. 
Or not.

Seriously though- I have not been writing like I used to.  And I have not been taking pics like I used to.  
I am not going to stress over it though- once a week or so is just enough to write in this space.  I enjoy telling the stories of my kids lives but I know I cannot keep up like I used to. 

Today ends a two week break from reality. 
Man- I need to get back to reality.  My eating and exercise habits have been forgotten.  Tomorrow that changes.  I cannot wait to lace up my new shoes and take my favorite class at the Y.  It'll be packed but that's ok.  

We've thoroughly enjoyed this past week home.  We've had a fairly good balance of nights out with friends, projects around the house, family time and kids spending time with their friends.   It's been fun but I am done!  Now that I think about it - we've only been home three of the last eight nights!   Stick a fork in me.  

Friday night Todd and I went to the Hornets game.  We had seats in the 4th row behind the team - awesome seats.  We ran into a couple sets of friends which was fun.  

And last night we went to the Panthers playoff game.  Luckily we could use the suite because it rained most of the 1st quarter.  

Riley and I did a little shopping yesterday and Todd took Jack and Haddie to Dicks.  Jack used his gift cards to buy himself an Eno hammock.  He's already had it up a few times in the trees.  

Apparently this is what happens when Haddie goes shopping with Daddy!  
Love my spunky, wild child!

Two weeks from today we'll be chilling in Aruba with the big kids.   
I cannot wait!  
Two weeks of normalcy then 5 days of fun!

Can't believe it's been a year since we went to Turks and Caicos!
Looking forward to some more fun memories with the big kiddos.  

Until next time….

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