Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Fun

Summer is almost here.
Only eight more days of school. 
Eight busy days. 
Three class parties, one presentation and a poetry reading to attend.  
It's always a fun time of year. 
And Riley's recital is next weekend.  

Looking forward to summer and some fun memories with the kids. 

We had a great weekend. 
Spring time is so incredibly busy with sports that we don't have time to do stuff around the house or entertain friends. 
We did both this weekend. 
Our backyard was pathetic and needed some TLC so we all pitched in Saturday and it looks much better. 
Saturday night we had a cookout that was going to be on the smaller scale but we ended up having eight families over and it was a blast.   The kids had so much fun and played hard until 10:30 last night. 

No great pics lately- just some crappy cell phone ones….

Afternoon thunderstorm watchers. 

Girls chilling in their tent. 

Haddie getting a sip of an icee for the first time…. 

Love this- I hate it came out so dark.  Hadley climbed up on the chair with her big brother this AM.  So sweet.  He's so gentle with her.  
Ran across this gem.  OMG.

Until next time….

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