Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hijacked by Hizzy

Well- it's me.  Hadley.  
I've taken over my mom's blog. 
Shhh- don't tell her.  Well- I guess she'll see it so you can tell her if you want. 

First- seriously.  What's with all the nicknames?
My name is Hadley.  
But my family has so many nicknames for me sometimes I get confused.
Had, Haddie, Hizzy, Boomer, Mae Mae…. the list goes on. 
I answer them all.  Just makes it easier.  

Here I am.  
Sucking on a bottle and holding my lovie. 
My two favorite things that don't have a heartbeat. 
I have overheard my mom talking about talking my ba ba (bottle) away.  I really hope she doesn't but she keeps saying things like "you're a big girl now, let's drink milk from a sippy cup."  
Ugh- I just love the comfort of my bottle and it makes me happy.  

There's my brother Jack. 
I can kind of say his name.  It's more like "Jaaaa."  No one really knows what I'm saying but my mom.  
But every time I see him (well- most of the time) I say his name.  
He's so sweet to me and likes to sit next to the bath tub when my mom gives me a bath.  
He's really nice to me and let's me play with his blue bouncy balls that he throws against the wall.  
I like to take them on walks - one in each hand.  
I love my big brother. 

And here's Riley- my big sister. 
She helps me all the time. 
Sometimes she tries to pick me up but I'm getting really big and like to walk around by myself now so she can stop doing that anytime now. 
Ri likes to play in the playroom with me and lets me play on her gymnastics mat. 
I love my big sister.

Here's another picture of me with my ba ba and lovie. 
My mom knows when I am frantically looking around and pointing my finger for something that I'm looking for my lovie. 
My mom used to make me leave it in my crib but I am really, really attached to my lovie right now so i have it with me all the time. 
I think my mom worries that I will lose it but I'll take my chances.  

My mom says I'm very curious.  Not sure what that means but I've also heard her tell people that I'm adventurous, brave, independent and a figure-it-outer.  Gosh- those are some really big words that I just don't understand.  
I guess I'll take them as a compliment. 

I do like to climb on the side of the stairs. 

And dig in my toy basket and toss everything out. 

Oh- and I can climb on furniture now.   

Don't believe me?

I'll show you. 

Did it. 
Maybe one of those big words my mom said about me is right?  

Oh yeah- I like to throw toys on the furniture too so I have something to play with when I climb up there. 

For a skinny minute I was thinking about standing up on the furniture but my mom put her camera down and starting fussing at me and saying things like "Haddie- sit DOWN.  Sit DOWN!"
Really Mom? - got it.  

Kinda hard to be upset with a pretty girl like myself! 

This toy used to be Jack and Riley's. 
Thank God my mom is a pack rat and saved it for me. 

Oh yeah- she says I'm a climber.  Again- big word!.
But see that blue think I'm sitting on? 
It's the laundry basket. 
Mom caught me standing on it (it's upside down) but wasn't brave enough to snap that picture. 
Come on mom!   

So she just flipped it back over and in I climbed. 

Enough with the pictures mom. 

I can climb my way out of things too. 


Proof here...

Do you think my mom could put some decent clothes on me?
Or at least snap my shirt up for the love of God.
My Paa Paa would be so disappointed.  She always dresses me so cute when she is here. 

Oh yeah- books.  Love them!!
I'm not super great about sitting still so my mom can read them to me but I try.  
I know she wants to read to me but I get a little antsy sometimes.  
She says I take after my Dad in that department.  Whatever that means??

I try to tell my mom I can read to myself.  

See mom!  I know the book is upside down but hey- I'm trying.

Time for another one. 

Here I go being adventurous again.  Or maybe it's brave??

Can't find my ball.  

So that's all the pics for now.  I'll have to get my mom to take some more of me playing with Jack and Riley.  Or climbing on Swisher.  

What else am I up to you ask?


I hate vegetables.  Except for broccoli. 
I ate steak for the first time last night. 
It was yummy!
My mom put me in the shower last week to clear my snot out (she squeezed the heck out of my nose so many times!).   Now I'm obsessed with the shower.  
I like to watch Elmo and Baby Einstein in the car.  My mom says it keeps me quiet. 
My PJs are size 2T.  I guess I'm what they call a 'big baby.'
I hate breakfast.  ALmost never eat food in the AM. 
I love cruising around in the grocery carts where I can drive the steering wheel. 
I like to shake my booty.   Especially with Riley in the playroom. 

I am tired. 
This blogging thing is exhausting. 
Thank God my mom normally takes care of this.  
Peace out. 

Love- Hadley


Pam Mommy said...

This is AWESOME, Ali! I love this post so much. You are very creative. I want to meet Miss Hadley! I think Camden would like her. He's adventurous, too. :)

Pam Mommy said...

18This is AWESOME, Ali! I love this post so much. You are very creative. I want to meet Miss Hadley! I think Camden would like her. He's adventurous, too. :)

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