Sunday, May 4, 2014


The weekend is complete.  Another one in the books.  
The sixth of eight baseball tournaments is over. 
The seventh of eight soccer games is over. 
The end is in sight. 
Very bittersweet. 

Although I love nothing more than watching my kids out on a field having a good time I am ready for a break.  We seem to be running here, there and everywhere every single weekend and poor Hadley gets tossed around like a wet rag half the time.  

But this spring has been fun. Jack's team has had it's ups and downs but we absolutely love the families.  Jack has made some great friends and has gotten together with several of the boys lots of times after games or at night this spring.  We will miss seeing these families on a regular basis. 

Riley has improved a ton with soccer.   Just yesterday she scored three goals.  I can tell she's getting more comfortable and she loves it so much. 

This season of our lives is so incredibly busy but I am enjoying it all.  I try to soak it all in and enjoy every moment.  It's hard at times - not going to lie - but we'll take it.  
We are lucky. 

Until next time...

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