Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sibling Love

One of my dreams for my children is that they grow up and have a close relationship.  
There are moments in time when Jack and Ri get along and play well together but most of the time they fight or are competing with one another for something. 
I try to tell myself that's it's typical for siblings but it really gets old, fast.  

I have noticed lately that Ri, even though her brother can be so mean at times, tries to please Jack.  She wants to play with him all the time (she'll even 'pitch' the ball to him so he can practice catching).  She will pick up his crap lying around the house, fill his water for him and a variety of other nice things.  

I wish Jack would appreciate these sweet things his sister does for him.   But often he just gets annoyed with her….

I do have hope though.  
Hope they'll grow up tight and look after each other.  

Until next time….

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