Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Supportive Sisters

Shout out to Ri and Had for being such supportive sisters of their big brother Jack for eight full weekends this spring. 
They are troopers to say the least. 

Can't leave home without her car.  
And her lovie is a must if you want her to sleep. 

Just give Had some food and she's happy. 

Hadley and Philomena having a little fun together. 

Sweet girl loves her Daddy. 

Watching her big brother. 

Saying hi….

Can't forget about Paa Paa!  Todd and I enjoyed three games this weekend and half of the fourth because of Paa Paa's help!!!  Thank you mom. 

For years Riley has been hanging out at the ball field.  She's made lots of her own friends out there and is usually running around with the ladies.   

Love this….

Until next time...

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