Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Almost Summer

You can tell it's almost summer around here. 
I'm tired of packing lunches. 
The kids are tired of doing homework. 
The alarm going off at 6:20 is getting old. 
We are ready for summer around here.  

The kids each have a few camps. 
Jack has his 10 year trip with his Gammy and Poppy. 
We have a vacation to Fripp Island planned. 
And I have a sitter coming to help me with Hadley some this summer.  

We spent some time outside this week.  
When it gets hot we bust out the water toys.  

Sister love.  Makes my heart melt. 

Sweet Hizzy playing in the sprinkler for the first time. 

Kids enjoyed playing dodgeball. 

Swisher enjoyed the water toys too. 

Until next time….

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