Sunday, March 16, 2014

Up and Down

Yesterday was 70 degrees.  Bright and sunny.  Simply gorgeous. 
Today?  Pouring rain all day.  Maybe 50 degrees.  Tomorrow night?  Freezing rain. 
Kids are upstairs watching a movie.  
Hadley is 'napping'  - or rolling around in her crib sucking on her lovie. 
Todd and I are watching college basketball. 
Definitely a 'veg' kind of day. 

Ri started soccer yesterday.  Her team is super sweet and filled mostly with girls from her school that she knows.  The coach is a friend of mine so it's a great situation.  Ri even scored two goals!  

Jack's team played twice yesterday and went 2-0.  Jack played 2nd and pitched.  He's loving the switch to 2nd base and hit much better this weekend. 
The boys headed to Concord this AM - although the weather was calling for a wash out. 
They squeezed in one game and won that easily.  
We're really happy with his team this spring - it's a great group of kids and parents.  
So nice that both kids are happy and doing well with their teams. 

And Miss Priss tagged along all day and did fine.  She even napped in her stroller again!  Woohoo. 

She's getting closer and closer to walking - even taking a cpl steps here and there when's she's brave enough- normally its when we're in the playroom. 

Until next time...

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