Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baseball, Raleigh and a Story

Before I get to what's been going on lately I want to get this story down. 
This blog is my journal, my memories, my stories. 
And I was told a short story about Jack yesterday that I can't forget. 

There's a young lady is Jack's class named Katie who has Autism.  
She has a full time aide with her and honestly seems like a good kid - from what I can tell when I volunteer in Jack's class every Thursday.  She's fairly quiet and won't talk to me at all.  

We were on a field trip yesterday and I sat next to her aide at lunch and noticed that Katie was very interactive with a group of girls. 
I mentioned to her aide that I had never seen Katie so interactive with people and Ms. Love commented  that those few girls were the only people Katie would talk to. 
And then she added this: 
"Well- and she interacts with Jack.  He's the only boy she will talk to or even look in the eye.  He's very sweet to her and helpful but not in an annoying way."
Talk about making your heart smile.
That's my boy. 

Speaking of my boy…
The On Deck 10U Swingmen played their first tournament this past weekend. 
Well- Saturday was rained out so they played three games Sunday. 
Jack started at 2nd base every game and also played some outfield.  He didn't pitch and was bummed but hopefully this coming weekend he'll get to pitch. 
He's back on the "A" team this spring and the boys are BIG!  Jack's no longer the starting shortstop/pitcher he has been but he has a great time with some awesome families.   

Haddie went along for the ride.  We made it for four hours - she slept 1 1/2 of them in her stroller!  SCORE!
We left before the 3rd game - she had had enough. 

Ri made another new 'baseball' friend named Reese.  Every season of baseball Jack connects with another new player and this season it's a kid named Beau.  His sister is 8 and they had a blast all day together.  Luckily they don't live too far from us so we're hoping to get the kids together outside of baseball. 

Here's some pics from our trip to Raleigh yesterday. 
My friend Kim and I followed behind the big busses in her car- thank goodness. 
We went to the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and toured the Legislative Building with our very our House of Rep Craig Horn.  It was pretty neat. 

Jack's class. 

Me and my sweet boy.  So thankful for the experience with him and so thankful for Paa Paa who, once again, came to my rescue and stayed with Hadley so I could do something!

Until next time….

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The Adventures of Lydia and Frankentummy said...

Awww! What a sweet story about Jack!!

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