Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day by Day

This is the time of year I feel like we are just getting by - day by day. 

Between school, homework, dance, soccer practice and training, baseball practices, soccer games, weekend long baseball tournaments, friends, a husband who works long hours and an almost one year old sometimes I wonder how I don't lose my mind. 

So much going on but it's all so much fun for the kids.   I do better when we're busy and don't have lots of downtime - but by the time school is out I will be ready for some downtime.  

The last few days….

Jack played in his third tournament in the past three weeks.  Unfortunately Mother Nature hasn't cooperated and we have yet to complete a tournament.  It's such a bummer because our boys had a great chance to win it all this weekend.  

It worked out well for Jack because he ended up having lunch with a friend from baseball and then going over to another teammates house for the afternoon with a cpl of the players.   This season is the first time he's played with these kids and I'm so happy he's making great connections with these boys.  
This particular group of boys is really gelling and the parents are great too.  We hope they keep these kids together next year as well. 

I took this pic last week when I checked on Haddie as she slept.  She is sound asleep with her lovie.  That stinky thing makes her so happy.   I dread the day she sucks the arms right off.  She will FREAK!

When Haddie was tiny I used to put her hair in a mow hawk in the bath.  It's so long now that it won't stay up straight.  I was trying the other night and snapped this pic…. so sweet. 

So last night Todd and I took advantage of my mom being here and went out to dinner with some good friends.  I was so looking forward to a night out but it was hell getting out of the door. 
Riley was complaining about her chest hurting, was tired, and crying.  She didn't' want us to leave.  
Well- after dealing with Hadley freaking out because I wasn't giving her a bath we were already running late.  
I told her to text me after she showered and that was a mistake…. I must have gotten 20 texts like this one. 

Man oh man.  She's never been upset when we go out at night - which isn't that often. 
But - I was with Jack all day in Gastonia so maybe she was trying to make me feel bad. 
It worked.  
But then today she was fine.  
Blowing bubbles like normal!

Until next time….

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