Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Washcloth and a Problem Solved

Before I tell the story of my little problem solver I must write about Haddie's obsession with washcloths.  
Every single night in the bath tub she holds on to TWO wash cloths - rotating them in her mouth.  She sucks on them just like she sucks on the arms of her lovie.   
She also flings them around - getting me wet in the process.   
Sometimes, when there's too much water in the washcloth, she chokes on the water.  But only to put it right back in her mouth.  
I've been known to use a third washcloth to wash her body just so I don't have to fight that battle. 

So - this AM I was folding clothes and low and behold one of her pink washcloths was in the basket.  Had found it and went to town - sucking on it until it was damp. 
She hopped on her little red car (backwards) and brought the washcloth with her: 

Speaking of little red car….
She's been obsessed with it lately.  
This car was Jack's - he learned to walk on Halloween pushing this car around in the yard. 
I brought it downstairs so she can practice her own walking but she prefers to hop on and move herself around a bit - not too much but just enough to think she's hot stuff. 

This AM I was playing around with my camera (excuse these horrible pics) and in the process I watched Haddie solve a problem on her own. 
She was sitting on her car and leaned down to try and get a book but couldn't figure out how to do that. 
So - she hopped off, put the books on the seat of the car, threw her leg over the books and seat and sat on the books.  She then lifted the books out from under her leg and 'read' them.  
Problem solved!
It was actually pretty cool to watch.

Then I guess because she was such a good girl and figured out something on her own without getting mad she decided she better do something bad to even the score. 

Ummm- no thanks Haddie.  No biting the custom made coffee table. 

So after getting mad at me for fussing at her she sought refuge in her Swisher Bear.

And that damn washcloth. 

Until next time….

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