Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Water

We spent a ton of time in the water on our trip. 
The slides. 
The lazy river. 
The ocean.  (kayaking, paddle boarding, hot tubbing, sailboating, biking on the water trikes, swimming, snorkeling.)
You name it -we probably did it. 

The pools were the perfect temperature.  
The ocean was the perfect temperature. 
We were in and out of the water for about 8-9 hours a day - every day.  

No need for many clothes on this vacation- just bathing suits and cover ups!

We had a little cafe near our village that Todd would get his morning coffee from. 
Jack took a few trips by himself for their croissants, cookies and tea. 

We spent plenty of time at the bars. 
The kids had smoothies of some sort twice  day or so and Todd and I tried a variety of cocktails.  

Water slide fun. 
I think Jack went down various slides no less than 100 times. 
It's no wonder he was wiped out every single night. 

More to come!

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