Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Fun

It's really hard to narrow down the pictures.   It seems every time I turned around there was something else beautiful to photograph.  
I'm going to turn most of these pics into a book for the kids.  

The pool by our room each morning was so peaceful.  
The waterfalls were on and towels were neatly folded at the end of each chair - waiting to be sat on. 

We were normally up and out by 7:00 ish.  The resort was bustling early every morning.  

These beautiful wind chimes were found throughout the resort in many spots. 

Our view at breakfast one AM. 

Tuesday was a perfect beach day. 
By 10:30 in the morning Jack had kayaked, biked on the ocean, gone sailboating and wake boarding. 
It was hard to drag me off the beach each day to hit up the water park. 

Afternoons were spent at the pool. 
Lounging, sipping cocktails, swimming, and hot tubbing were the only items on our agenda each afternoon. 

A few random pics from my phone…..

A photo bomb by Jack at dinner one night. 


Chilling while Todd and the kids hit the water slide. 

Riley one afternoon - serious water hands. 

Nights were hit or miss.  Every night there was a show of some sort around the resort but after 8 plus hours in the sun and dinner out we only made a few of the shows. 

Lunch at Bobby Dee's. 

Can't get much better.

View from below. 

Sand art. 


More to come. 

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