Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Stuff

It is 50 degrees warmer today than it was five days ago. 
It's gorgeous out. 
But we're inside watching the Panthers lose :(- maybe they'll pull it out.  

Hadley has been asleep for two hours. 
Long nap for her - she did this three days ago. 
Typically her afternoon nap is only an hour - at the most. 
It's really nice to have a break from chasing her all over the place!  

I woke up this AM at 6:19 and realized that I slept all night long. 
Hadley didn't make a peep from 6:00 last night until 6:19 this AM.  
Shocking. She's such a horrible night time sleeper. 
And my heart just can't listen to her scream so I always cave and go in her room. 

One of these days she'll sleep all night on a regular basis. 

The last two days it rained non stop. 
Our front yard was a lake. 
At the front of our neighborhood is a beautiful piece of property that Todd takes the big kids hiking on. 
They went this morning for a long time and had a blast. 

I guess the water was flowing quite a bit compared to what it does normally. 

Six more days until we're in Turks and Caicos!

Until next time...

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