Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nine Months

Oh my sweet Hadley Mae.
You, my dear, have changed so much this last month.   
It amazes me how fast you change.   
Let's see….

You crawl everywhere.   Fast.  
No longer do you crawl nonchalantly across the floor- you book it across the room.  In fact- you will put your head down and speed yourself  quickly to get away from me!  
I have to keep a close eye on you now.  
Daddy even had to put gates up at the top of the stairs. 

Just this week I have found you behind the couch pulling at a lamp cord, slamming your arms into Swisher's water bowl, in the pantry, playing with the trash can in the office and many other places.  

You can make a mess like no one else in the family. 
Your toys are constantly strewn across the room, the pantry's ground level things are usually strewn about the kitchen and the chairs around the table?  Moved about where you last left them. 

You are still obsessed with the kitchen table chairs. 
Several times a day I will find you under the table or near the chairs moving them back and forth. 
The last few days you have gotten both of your hands on a chair and move them both back and forth at the same time.  
You also like to play with the stool in our bathroom - sliding it back and forth on the tile floor.  Kinda sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Sweet. 

You aren't so 'angry' with books anymore.  For a while there you would try to grab the picture in a book and get mad because the picture wasn't a real thing you could hold. 
You enjoy when I read to you - for a minute or two.  
Your attention span is typical of a nine month old. 
You do love to plow through your sisters bookshelves when she's at school (ssshh- don't tell her). 
I remember jack doing this over and over with his board books when he was little.  

You also love to plow your head into 'squishy' things.  Here you are plowing your head into the chair.  
You did that several times - getting harder and harder with your 'plowing' each time you rammed your head into the chair. 
I just hope you don't end up a head banger like your brother and sister. 
(side note- I watched you on the monitor yesterday AM after you woke up and you were just playing and I noticed you were lightly banging your body against the back of the crib)

You're getting closer and closer to standing up.  You get to your knees and pull one leg up but not the other.  I am not sure your legs can hold your tankalicious self up yet.   We'll have to work on those leg muscles. 

You eat like a champ.  A typical day looks like: 
Breakfast:  banana, yogurt, Cheerios or waffle and some bottle
Nap time: more bottle
Snack: puffs, dried fruit, crackers
Lunch: pouch (fruit/veg) - more puffs etc..
Nap: Bottle
Snack: puffs, etc…
Dinner: more pouch, etc..
Bed time: bottle

You also like melon, toast, peas, green beans, pasta, and other stuff.  

 You wear size 18 months clothes easily and we just moved you up to size five diapers!
You also started wearing shoes- they're just Robeez and I put them on you to mainly keep your feet warm but you don't seem to mind them.  
Soon enough you'll need 'real' shoes when you start walking! 

You get mad when I pick you up and move you from somewhere you shouldn't be - which is quite a few times a day now.  It's quite comical actually.   Sorry honey- you can't pull electrical cords out of the walls.  

 A few more pics…

This is what happens after you take a pony tail out.

And just for fun:
Your sister at nine months old.
You can already see her attitude shining through!

Riley had hair just like you at that age.  
Funny thing it there's no way I could put you in a chair like that now.  You'd fall right out of it. 

Here's Jack at nine months. 
A little less hair but just as smiley. 

Some sweet videos of you. 

Here you are pushing your toys around.  That's what you do quite a bit.  

Proof of your chair obsession. 

Giggling like crazy at your big brother. 
It is music to my ears to hear you two interact.  He adores you so much.  You are so lucky. 

Until next time….

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