Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Nutcracker and then some….

To say these last two weeks have been unusual is an understatement.  
Starting w/ my stomach bug on Thanksgiving it has worked it's way through our entire house - well almost. 
Jack never got it - instead getting a 24 fever virus that had him taking four naps one day this past week and then I got the tummy bug for the 2nd time.
Enough already of the germs. 

During the busiest time of year we've had to check out, cancel parties and play dates and just hang at home. 
Until this weekend.   We did get out for a nice dinner Friday night but I struggled through it at times - just beat down.  Last night we went to two Christmas parties but I made sure I was in bed before the rooster crowed.  
Poor Paa Paa, who had just come off a terrible chest cold and came to help me out with the kids, got the nasty bug this AM and had to head home before we went to the Nutcracker.  
Ri asked her best bud to go with her and we had a great time.  It was a far cry from our first time seeing it three years ago.  Riley and Addy enjoyed it and asked lots of questions.  
Cinderella is coming in March and I think I may take Ri. 

This next week entails one football practice, a visit from Pop Pop, parent observation week at dance, three or four football games, two baseball workouts, a good-bye party for Jack's friend, three class parties and packing for the beach.  
And- finishing up Christmas shopping (super close) and wrapping.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 
But I'm also grateful we are healthy enough to enjoy all of these fun activities.  

Hopefully Hadley can squeeze in a few naps between all of this running.  
Speaking of Hadley: 
She is so scrumptious and chubby I can barely stand it. 
I love the fact that my Boo Boo can't wear baby jeans because her mid-section is too big. 
I love the fact that her socks have to be 'loose' or they'll cut her circulation off (not really but you get the picture). 
We've been giving her a sippy cup of water for quite some time and she can finally drink it without choking.  But she also likes to make noise with it: 

See the tupperware?
I have tons of old tupperware that I saved just for her. 
She loves it.  
I should just wrap some up and call it Christmas. 

How sweet is this?
Saturday AM I did not want to get out of bed (Hadley is waking up at night again…). 
Ri snuck in our room when she heard her and asked if she could go in her room.
Well- of course!  Free entertainment. 
She must have sat in her crib for 10 minutes and played with her. 
I listened to them on the monitor and just smiled. 
Something about a sister bond… too bad I can't relate. 

One week from today we get to celebrate Christmas with my family and then head to the beach for 5 days for some hopeful relaxation.  Our family needs it!  

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